I just love photographing families each year; watching the little ones grow and come into their own little personalities is so cool! Sara & Jeremy are always so much fun, they're so easy going, fun to be around and just great people! This was less of a photo session and more of an adventure with Zachary as we explored the park and walked to find new and exciting things! This absolutely gorgeous family is definitely a pleasure to be around! Click on the "Read More" link to view the entire gallery!


12/08/2017 6:56am

Something is wrong with these photos. You should upload them here once again.

12/12/2017 2:29am

There is something about the photos that kept me looking at those. By the way, we are almost done with the year but your photography skills didn't change at all. There is still magic in your hands that I will always look up to since I am into photography at the same time. These photos are really to die for as you have captured the beauty and smiles of the whole family. Thank you for sharing these to all of us!


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