This adorable baby boy came into the world on April 24, 2017 and proud parents, Theresa and Justin, couldn't be happier! Baby Hudson already has a great big personality, and didn't want to miss anything for his first photo session; bright eyed most of the time, we got to see his gorgeous eyes and he even gave us some little smiles too! This little guy is sure to be loved, big time, as his parents are such wonderful people who know how to make each other laugh and can always find the humour in any situation. Plus, with their beautiful dog, Lily, Hudson is sure to be in good hands (and paws). Click on the "Read More" link to view the entire gallery.


05/09/2017 9:50am

What a beautiful baby!!! I am totally smitten... there are no words to the cuteness factor going on here :)

05/10/2017 8:46pm

Who would not be so proud if your little angel is so adorable. The photo that you shared is so beautiful. The emotions of the couple are perfectly captured. I really like the smile of their baby boy. He is so cute and I can see that he is also healthy. I know that the mother is very careful in her pregnancy. Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Hudson. I know that you are really happy because you can now touch and see your little angel. I hope that you will be more happy. This blog is great in capturing special moments like this. I'm amazed in every photo shoot that you make.


Hudson is also the name of my little brother. He is 3 months old like this little guy here. I just love my little brother. He is the source of happiness in our house today. Everybody is just so inlove with him. I hope he grows as a responsible and talented man like our father.

05/09/2017 11:58am

Congrats guys! he's beautiful love the smiles he has already

07/13/2017 2:16pm

These photos are so great! You are an amazing photographer. You got a real talent.

09/11/2017 11:59pm

God bless such a adorable baby.


His little cute smile is so precious.


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